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Details about the
Celebrate Israel Parade, June 3, 2018

This is the most recent updated information for the 2018 Parade.


Note to those not marching:  You still can join in – by cheering from the sidelines, or on TV / internet. Please see below.

Important information for the Merrick-Bellmore marchers:

 As you prepare to march with us in the “Celebrate Israel Parade” on June 3, 2018, here are some basics about attending. We will continue to update this information before parade day, and post it at You also may e-mail questions to .

Official Parade Shirts: Parade rules require that marchers in each group look uniform. You must wear the official Merrick-Bellmore JCRCLI t-shirt to march. It is included in your registration fee, and is being ordered in the size(s) you requested. Shirts will be available for pick-up at the Merrick LIRR station gazebo between 8:40 and 9:00 June 3. If it is impossible for you to pick up your shirts at this location, please use Advance pickup (see below) or e-mail by June 1 to make other arrangements. Please include your cell number.

            Advance Pickup – Please pick up you shirts at the Congregation Ohav Sholom office, 145 S. Merrick Ave., Merrick, lower level, between 1:30 pm  and 2:30 pm on Friday June 1.

Assembly in Manhattan: We gather on 52 St. just WEST of Madison Ave. at 11:00. We are part of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Long Island (JCRC-LI) Cluster. Looking west toward 5th Ave, AJC is in front of us, and North Shore High School is in front of them. Please be prompt. We are scheduled to start the march from 5th Avenue at 57th Street at about 11:40, but the order to march sometimes is early. It takes 30-40 minutes to organize our marchers and arrange the display of props, flags and banners we will be carrying. We all want to look our best when we march. The actual march takes between 30 and 45 minutes, ending at 74 St. We will pass the reviewing stand and cameras around 68 St. It is OK to smile and wave, but don’t walk toward the cameras. You must keep marching straight.

EMERGENCIES: See nearest member of NYPD.  Hatzalah Volunteer Ambulance 212-230-1000


Restrooms: There are portable toilets on every formation block, on either side of 5th Avenue. There are handicap toilets on each formation block (one regular/1 ADA).

Security: As in past years, the NYC Police department is on top of things (trash cans removed, locked man-holes, lots of uniformed officers, high-tech command posts, etc.). The Police have always required marchers to wear uniform shirts, not carry backpacks, and not use strollers. Some individuals have bent the rules without being ejected from the march. Don’t count on it. Security is important. We are marching because we support our historical right to security and freedom, so we should cooperate with the Police efforts to ensure our security and freedom to participate in the parade.

Please pass this on to non-marchers:

Cheering Section: If you wish to stand with other friends from Merrick-Bellmore, please meet at the designated location: the East side of 5th north of 62 St..

Watch on TV/Video: Wherever you are, you can catch the live broadcast on TV at FOX MY9, 12-2 pm, and on the internet at , 12-3pm.

How to get there:

LIRR: This information is based on the current LIRR schedule, effective May 21, 2018 ( We will meet at the LIRR Merrick Station, at the Gazebo Parking Lot just west of Merrick Ave. You can pick up your shirts there, between 8:40-9:00 am.  Our train leaves Merrick at 9:18 and arrives at Penn Station at 10:07. Weekends are “off-peak;” Regular off-peak fare is $9.75 each way. If you don’t have a monthly or weekly, purchase your round trip tickets before Sunday, or leave time to get them before boarding on Sunday. On-train purchases are $16 each (no discounts)! If you qualify, remember to take advantage of the Senior Citizen/Disabled/Medicare discount (save$3.00.). Family Fare: Up to four children (ages 5-11) ride for the fare of $1.00 each when accompanied by a fare-paying adult (18 years or older). Children under 5 ride free..  Take the E Train Subway from the 8th Avenue side of Penn Station to the Fifth Avenue stop. Exit at the Madison Ave. (at 53 St,) exit near the front of the train. Walk south on Madison to 52 Street, and turn right on 52 toward 5th.  We are part of the JCRC cluster, which assembles on 52 between Madison and 5th, near the corner of  Madison. Don’t dawdle; in the past, people have gotten to the assembly area after we got the word to start marching.

For earlier trains, and the return trains, see the schedule at:

BUS: Seats on a chartered coach bus from Congregation Beth Ohr in Bellmore to/from the parade are by reservation only. Some seats still are available on that bus at $15 round trip, until they are gone. Children under age12 traveling with an adult are $2 each. One-way fares are not available. Send an email to to check availability.

CAR:  Given the challenges of traffic and parking, most people prefer group transportation, but if you need a car in the city, start early, and be prepared to park some distance away, and getting to the assembly site by train, cab, or bus. Consider parking in Queens, and taking the E or M train to Manhattan (Check the MTA website for possible delays in Queens because of weekend maintenance work.).


Only thru June 2:           e-mail:  (This e-mail will not be monitored
                                    from 6 pm Friday though the end of Shabbat at 9:15 on June 2)                                        

On Parade Day, Cell Contact:             516-776-0635  (because voice communication can

                                                            be difficult in some areas with noise or poor signals, text may be better)


Thank you again for joining in this community effort, and we look forward to seeing you Sunday, June 3.


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